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Best Caller?
Sect Bot

A Telegram bot that tracks cryptocurrency coin “calls” & highlights them on leaderboards.

The Sect Bot Ecosystem

Sect Bot is the leading calls tracking bot on the market, designed to significantly improve the monitoring and evaluation process of calls posted in TG and Discord groups.

Our bot enhances group performance with user stats and leaderboards, and facilitates effective advertising across 5,000 private groups.

It provides users access to the best calls from these groups with the Sect Insider Alerts premium channel, utilizing sophisticated statistical methods that focus on the highest win-rate callers who deliver the biggest gains.

Sect Bot Ads

Reach your target audience with tailored messages in over 5,000 TG and Discord private groups and lounges. Options for ads with Sect Bot include broadcast messages and button ads and social media posts.

Sect Insider Alerts

Our premium channel compiles the best calls from all groups. Users can customize alerts in a dedicated chat with our bot, tailoring notifications to track key individuals and set custom criteria.

Buybacks & Burns

To maximize value for our token holders, 50% of the revenue from ads and subscription goes to Buybacks & Burns. We've bought back and burned over 8.5% of the token supply, amounting to more than $500,000, reducing supply and enhancing token value.

Global Competitions

The top callers during these competition receive thousands of dollars in ETH rewards just for doing what they have always done: make calls in their TG and Discord groups.

Sect Bot Premium

Enhance your group with Sect Bot Premium, offering a superior experience by removing individual call limits, eliminating broadcast messages and ads, and providing options for personalized branding and ads.

Sect AI

Coming soon...

Sect Bot Ads

Standard Advertising Rates:
24-Hour Button Ads: Starting at 0.2 ETH, advertisers gain visibility through hyperlinked button ads strategically placed within the leaderboards and "make a call" sections.
72-Hour Ads: Available at a discounted rate of 0.5 ETH, extending the duration for heightened exposure. 1-Week Button Ads: Priced at 1 ETH, providing an extended promotional period for sustained engagement.
Broadcast Messages: A dynamic option allowing for direct engagement with the audience. Priced at 1 ETH for a single broadcast or 2.5 ETH for three broadcasts over 72 hours.

Special Combo Offers:
- Basic Combo: Combining a 24-hour button ad with one broadcast message at the cost of 1.1 ETH, maximizing visibility and engagement.
- Pumped Combo: Amplifying exposure with a 72-hour ad paired with three separate broadcast messages, for 2.75 ETH.

Social media bonus:
For ads purchased above 1 ETH, we offer a complimentary shoutout and project mention on our Twitter and in our official Telegram group, further enhancing your visibility.

Audience Reach:
As of May 5, 2024, our advertising network spans over 5,000 Telegram and Discord private groups and lounges, collectively reaching more than 800,000 active users.

To book your ads, contact @emkoLomsky or @emkolomsky2 on Telegram.

Sect Insider Alerts

Sect Insider Alerts is the aggregation channel that compiles only the best calls from all of the groups. Every project shared in the channel is subject to customized, predefined criteria.

In addition to the Insider Alerts Channel, a separate chat with the bot is available for premium users.

This game-changing feature lets you personalize the calls you want to receive. Subscribe to key individuals, track win rates, average gains, market caps, and more. Customize your criteria to receive relevant, filtered calls from our huge network of groups, directly delivering calls that match your interests.

Access to Sect Insider Alerts costs $1,100 in ETH or 1,000 in $SECT tokens. Holders owning more than 1% of the total supply enjoy free access, while those with over 0.5% benefit from a 50% discount.

To join the Insider Alerts Channel fill in the form and DM @emkolomsky in TG to get access.

Form: https://forms.gle/uvfdoJTEVXNT5YWM8

Buybacks and burns

To maximize value for our token holders, 50% of the accrued revenue from ads subscriptions goes towards Buybacks and Burns. This approach is designed to support both the stability and the potential growth of our token's value over time.

Buybacks: Periodically, a predetermined portion of the project's revenue is used to purchase tokens from the open market. This process not only helps in reducing the overall supply of tokens but also supports the market price, preventing large price drops and increasing investor confidence.

Burns: The tokens acquired through buybacks are permanently removed from circulation (burned). This reduction in total token supply creates a deflationary effect, enhancing the value of the remaining tokens. As the circulating supply decreases, each token's share of the total value increases, potentially leading to price appreciation.

Advantages to Token Holders: This buyback and burn strategy serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it directly rewards token holders by potentially increasing the market value of their holdings through supply scarcity. Secondly, it aligns the project’s success with the token holders' interests, as increased revenue from the project results in more substantial buybacks, further driving up the value of the tokens.

Through this deliberate and transparent use of revenue, we aim to build trust and provide long-term value to our stakeholders, ensuring that our success is shared with our community.


Accessing numerous private DeFi investor groups has been challenging, but our Sect Bot changes that.

It interacts daily with a dedicated audience in hyperactive DeFi groups, showing promising metrics in Alpha-phase ads.

We've observed increased link clicks, calls for advertised tokens, and tangible ROI in a tough advertising industry.

The future of Sect Bot advertising is groundbreaking.

Sect Bot Premium

The premium version of the Sect bot comes with specific perks:

12 calls per user in a 24-hour span, doubling the capacity compared to the free version.

Customizable button ads: As a group owner, you can set and modify ads any way you wish, with no ads coming from us.

No Broadcast ads: Your group will be free from broadcast ads, ensuring a cleaner user experience.

Customizable minimum market cap & liquidity for calls: This allows for better quality control of the calls shared within your group.

Leaderboard settings: Tailor the leaderboard to fit the specific needs and preferences of your group.
Exclusive separate channel: A dedicated channel for your group that filters calls from the general chatter in your main group and stores them.